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Mazda RX-7UP

conversion of an 85 RX7 GSL-SE into a 2009 RX-7UP!

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What is a RX7UP? 

- It is a RX7 Pickup.  


Never been done as far as I know. Haven't been able to find one.

Platform is a 1985 1982 RX7 GSL-SE

Yes - 85/82.  Front half is 85 rear 82

Car was bought on speculation, one of the last made.  Fresh motor was built, 5th day on the road it was hit in the back and shorted eight inches.  Good motor was put in another car.  A throw away motor was put in after the 82 back (from ' A' pillar back) was installed. Drove it five years before the motor let loose.  Decided it isn't worth anything as a collector GSL-SE and have always toyed with the pickup idea.  

It will be a simple clean conversion. Thinking of using the rear window from a RX3 wagon for the rear glass. I will be retaining the 'C' pillars. The rear quarter glass will be used for shop and sponsor info.

Simplicity of project mandates as many factory Mazda parts be used.  Updating and back dating viable.  Motor is a slightly massaged, flow tested porting, match porting and flow ported intake. All stock emissions, emission compliance to factory specification or better is also mandatory. (already attained)

One of the great things about Mazda's emission system is that there really is very little performance gain from removing or disabling the system. The only real drain is the air pump and with advent of the electronically controlled clutch that is no longer an issue.   OK yes there is the weight all of ~25/30lbs. Putting a good set of light weight wheels on the car will take car of that and get rid of un-sprung weight. Which is worth more than pulling an air pump.  There are also very good high efficiency hi-flow cats that can be used.

Also planned - trailer hitch find another FB and turn the back into a trailer. 

Done- Engine - Flow ported Mazda 13B REW catalyst 175hp IM240

Transmission- Mazda Rib case 5 speed - race prepped

Rear-Stock GSL-SE, Tokico shocks, factory brakes, Mazda springs half coil removed, adjustable air bags

Front suspension Tokico shocks, Mazda springs half coil removed factory brakes


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Looking for a good interior. Gray/Black with sunroof.  Will Trade!  

email je@rotaryresponse.com or call 520 327 6404 

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Back from being painted

Paint by Affordable Auto Painting  -  Tucson Arizona 

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End of day one back from paint--- 

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Mark (fabricator) was here as said panel shouldn't be too bad to make. Gave me the project of making the template, and told me how to make it.  Foam board is going to be a lot easier to work with than the masking paper I am using now. RX3 wagon window is viable. We will be using most of the upper half of the tailgate. 

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keep watching

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Hit Counter

Any interest in an 85 GSL-SE that is being turned into a pickup?   It has a fresh motor, very low wear housings,  mild street port, match ported intake and housings, emissions legal.  (Long labor getting it to start, darn breaks in wire connectors-insulation looked fine. Fired right up when fixed. You know those freak motors, the ones that when they start there is that something..this is one of them) Will definitely need better tire on it now.  Engine compartment nearly all new.  All stock and original.  Has fresh white paint and interior needs work.  

Price as of Feb 10 2008 - $4500

  Email or call if interested.